Build-A-Happy Dayz-Bear Party

With this party each child is able to build their very own bear and take it home. 

Each child will receive a bear, along with bear stuffing and most importantly, a very special heart star.

The child fills the bear with their own stuffing. They then clasp the star in their little hands and make a wish.

When finished, they place the heart star inside the bear before closing it up.

Each bear comes with its very own birth certificate and the child chooses the bears names and writes this onto the certificate.

It is simply a lovely experience the children will never forget.

There are extra's of create your own T Shirt for the bear with fabric pens, and add in a voice box too!!

This experience is £16.95 per child.

Have a look below and choose which bear your children would like. You can order a mixture...

  • So what does this wonderful experience include.....

  • Full room set up.

  • Room available for last 45 minutes of the 2 hour session​

  • A Wonderful children's Storyteller, making the experience magical

  • A bear for each child, see the bear options below.

  • A star Heart for the children to make a wish on and put into their bear forever

  • A Birth Certificate for each bear to be filled in by the child, or by mum

  • A T-Shirt for each bear

  • A selection of fabric pens for the children to put design on the bears T-Shirt 

  • Voice boxes for each bear can be provided at an extra £2.50 per voice box.

  • A full sweet cart for the children to help themselves

  • 8 Helium balloons, for your children to take home.

  • A kids meal for each child with a selection of goujons, Fish fingers or sausages

  • Baby food available​

  • All allergies can be catered for when pre ordered

  • 4 Jugs of Fizzy Unicorn Juice

  • And for the adults..​​

  • Tea or coffee serviced with a selection of biscuits

  • And to finish, a bottle of wine for Mum & Dad to take home 

  • ​​

  • Happy Dayz can offer this whole experience for only  £16.95 per child.

  • £150 deposit will be required and this is non-refundable.

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