Nerf Luxury Parties

Happy Dayz have are entering into a range of luxury birthday packages for your little ones.

We are offering a luxury unicorn experience. This party provides the same 5 star excellence that any party receives, but with some fabulous extras.

Have a look at our pictures of one of our previous parties...

  • Your Nerf Gun party will be in the play frame centre itself, from 6 - 8pm, for only your party guests.

  • There will be protective glasses provided along with team bibs, bullet belts and 1000's of bullets. 

  • Each party guest brings their own gun which provides a great range of competition between both teams.

  • There are targets throughout the frame for the teams to shoot (as well as each other) 

  • There is also a party area set up for the teams fully designed in an army theme.

  • There are tanker jars to drink from with 4 jugs of fizzy juice

  • The package contains a sweet cart, with as many sweets as they can eat.

  • The package also contains a Nerf gun cake.

  • A kids meal for each child with a selection of Goujons, Fish Fingers or cocktail sausages

    • Baby meals can be provided if necessary​

    • All Allergies can also be catered for with prior notice given.

  • And for the adults..​

    • ​A Happy Dayz platter​​ containing a selection of goujons, cocktail sausages and chips with a selection of dips

    • Tea or coffee serviced in delph, served with real dark chocolates (as seen in the pictures above)​ 

    • And to finish, a bottle of wine for Mum & Dad to take home ​


Happy Dayz can offer this whole experience for only  £19.50 per child.

£150 deposit will be required and this is non-refundable

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