Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will be in the centre during my slot? 

There will be an approx of 20 people allowed to book in your session, and maximum 2 members of staff. This excluded babies in a pram / buggy.

What are your covid rules?

Please see our dedicated page to COVID RULES on our website.

Why are you charging adults?

As we are only allowing approx 20 people in the centre at any one time, we can not afford to not charge adults.

What are you time slots?

We are opening from a Friday to a Sunday.
Time slots are:
9.o0am ~ 1o.30am
1 hour spray clean down
11.30m ~ 1.00pm
1 hour spray clean down
2.00pm ~ 3.30pm
1 hour spray clean down
4.30pm ~ 6pm
1 hour spray clean down

What if I dont have a PayPal account to pay online

No Worries, you can pay directly into our bank:
S/c: 95-06-79
A/c: 20134686

Can I bring my own drinks / snacks ?

To government orgainlly said no food or drink at all, but we argued with the local council to at least allow our customers to bring a water bottle. So this was eventually allowed. Nothing else though.
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